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How to Decorate Your Office Professionally

Did you know that the way your office looks can affect not only your own work productivity, but how you are received and perceived by others? If your office is in a business setting or you will be seeing clients, company superiors or anyone else in your office space, you should always consider ensuring that your office is decorated to look professional. A professional looking office is more likely to be taken seriously and therefore more beneficial to you as an employee. The following are some easy-to-follow tips that will help your office look attractive and professional to anyone who enters.

Tip: Keep a clean aesthetic

Clutter and mess are signs of an unprofessional area. Always make sure that your décor looks clean and neat, not overstuffed or cluttered. If you hang up pictures or paintings, make sure to keep the number down to a reasonable amount—don’t fill your walls with décor, as this looks tacky and unprofessional. If you decide to put décor on bookshelves or other flat surfaces, make sure that you are only choosing a few pieces. If you put too many pieces up, this can—again—create a cluttered aesthetic.

Tip: Choose your colors wisely

A professional office should reflect the type of work you do, and the type of colors you use can help you achieve this. If you work at a bank, accounting firm or other money-based business, choosing more neutral colors—like olive greens or browns—will create a more serious environment; if you work at a creative business or do a creative job, using brighter or more ‘fun’ colors can reflect your creativity and the type of creative work that you do. You can also choose to incorporate business colors, such as those used in a logo, if they are not too outlandish.

Tip: Avoid adding too much of a personal touch

It can be fun and exciting to bring a little of your personal life into your office. But too much of the “personal” can make your office appear less professional. If you want to bring in photographs or personal items, like collectibles, makes sure only to choose ones that will not reflect an unprofessional attitude and keep them to a minimum.