Why You Should Consider Buying a Standing Computer Desk ?

Standing Desk

A standing desk is used for writing and reading while standing up or sitting on a high stool. During 18th and 19th century these desks are much popular for offices and study. Standing desk comes in various styles and forms.It can also be customized as per the need. Some desks are used only for standing and working. While others allow you to sit or can be adjusted to the height.

Now the trend is back we are having a standing computer desk in the market. One can stand up comfortably and work while working on a computer.

Standing computer desk are now fully adjustable according to the height of the person. Sometimes also known as height adjusted desk. Thus using a standing desk gives you lots of health benefits. It negates the effect of sitting too much.

Problem with sitting whole day at desk

When we sit, our spine flattens and the back compresses the disk causing the medical problem. Sitting long hours at your desk, reduce the blood flow back to the heart. While regular movement of the body prevents the danger of accumulating lactic acid. Most of the people have adjusting chair to overcome such danger.

But in the corporate, one has to stuck at one position and work on screen. Standing is better for back spine and works from spine eye view.

Why you should consider buying a standing computer desk ?

1 Reduce the back pain-The basic purpose of buying a standing computer desk is the back pain.It is the most common complaints in the office. Due to some of the research, It is found 32% improvement in the back pain, After few weeks of using the standing desk. It decreases the chronic back pain caused by long hours of sitting.

2 Reduce the obesity risk-

According to one of the research, it is found that standing burns more calories than sitting all day.

  1. Better posture-To reduces eyes strain and improves postures. Standing posture is one of the best options. Standing position improves the overall posture of the body.
  2. Longer life-Since sitting all day on desk cause so many diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes etc. Standing desk computer will be helpful in long life. According to one of the research, Americans increased their life expectancy by two years by reducing the sitting hours from six to three.
  3. Boost the energy level- Standing desk has the positive impact on the staff. In the research of seven weeks standing desk, it was found that people report less fatigue and stress.While comparing to the people seated whole day. It improves the energy level of working.

Time to take a stand

The physical, mental and metabolic health improves when sedentary time reduces. It’s an important lifestyle change to have a standing computer desk.

Follow following points

  • Start slowly with 20 minutes at a time at your standing desk. Don’t strain your body standing too long initially
  • Try to use gel mat where you stand.
  • To see best health benefit stand and walk throughout the working hours.
  • Body posture is like your wrist flat and elbows 90-degree angle.

Once you are adjusted with the standing computer desk, you have more options like bike desks etc to move while working.

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