Why You Should Consider Buying a Standing Computer Desk ?

Standing Desk

A standing desk is used for writing and reading while standing up or sitting on a high stool. During 18th and 19th century these desks are much popular for offices and study. Standing desk comes in various styles and forms.It can also be customized as per the need. Some desks are used only for standing and working. While others allow you to sit or can be adjusted to the height.

Now the trend is back we are having a standing computer desk in the market. One can stand up comfortably and work while working on a computer.

Standing computer desk are now fully adjustable according to the height of the person. Sometimes also known as height adjusted desk. Thus using a standing desk gives you lots of health benefits. It negates the effect of sitting too much.

Problem with sitting whole day at desk

When we sit, our spine flattens and the back compresses the disk causing the medical problem. Sitting long hours at your desk, reduce the blood flow back to the heart. While regular movement of the body prevents the danger of accumulating lactic acid. Most of the people have adjusting chair to overcome such danger.

But in the corporate, one has to stuck at one position and work on screen. Standing is better for back spine and works from spine eye view.

Why you should consider buying a standing computer desk ?

1 Reduce the back pain-The basic purpose of buying a standing computer desk is the back pain.It is the most common complaints in the office. Due to some of the research, It is found 32% improvement in the back pain, After few weeks of using the standing desk. It decreases the chronic back pain caused by long hours of sitting.

2 Reduce the obesity risk-

According to one of the research, it is found that standing burns more calories than sitting all day.

  1. Better posture-To reduces eyes strain and improves postures. Standing posture is one of the best options. Standing position improves the overall posture of the body.
  2. Longer life-Since sitting all day on desk cause so many diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes etc. Standing desk computer will be helpful in long life. According to one of the research, Americans increased their life expectancy by two years by reducing the sitting hours from six to three.
  3. Boost the energy level- Standing desk has the positive impact on the staff. In the research of seven weeks standing desk, it was found that people report less fatigue and stress.While comparing to the people seated whole day. It improves the energy level of working.

Time to take a stand

The physical, mental and metabolic health improves when sedentary time reduces. It’s an important lifestyle change to have a standing computer desk.

Follow following points

  • Start slowly with 20 minutes at a time at your standing desk. Don’t strain your body standing too long initially
  • Try to use gel mat where you stand.
  • To see best health benefit stand and walk throughout the working hours.
  • Body posture is like your wrist flat and elbows 90-degree angle.

Once you are adjusted with the standing computer desk, you have more options like bike desks etc to move while working.

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How to Decorate Your Office Professionally

Did you know that the way your office looks can affect not only your own work productivity, but how you are received and perceived by others? If your office is in a business setting or you will be seeing clients, company superiors or anyone else in your office space, you should always consider ensuring that your office is decorated to look professional. A professional looking office is more likely to be taken seriously and therefore more beneficial to you as an employee. The following are some easy-to-follow tips that will help your office look attractive and professional to anyone who enters.

Tip: Keep a clean aesthetic

Clutter and mess are signs of an unprofessional area. Always make sure that your décor looks clean and neat, not overstuffed or cluttered. If you hang up pictures or paintings, make sure to keep the number down to a reasonable amount—don’t fill your walls with décor, as this looks tacky and unprofessional. If you decide to put décor on bookshelves or other flat surfaces, make sure that you are only choosing a few pieces. If you put too many pieces up, this can—again—create a cluttered aesthetic.

Tip: Choose your colors wisely

A professional office should reflect the type of work you do, and the type of colors you use can help you achieve this. If you work at a bank, accounting firm or other money-based business, choosing more neutral colors—like olive greens or browns—will create a more serious environment; if you work at a creative business or do a creative job, using brighter or more ‘fun’ colors can reflect your creativity and the type of creative work that you do. You can also choose to incorporate business colors, such as those used in a logo, if they are not too outlandish.

Tip: Avoid adding too much of a personal touch

It can be fun and exciting to bring a little of your personal life into your office. But too much of the “personal” can make your office appear less professional. If you want to bring in photographs or personal items, like collectibles, makes sure only to choose ones that will not reflect an unprofessional attitude and keep them to a minimum.

Different Types of Beautiful Conference Tables

You have to approach designing your office space similar to how you would decorate your own house.  Besides, the office would serve as your second home.  You must have the same atmosphere.  Ambience that would make you job easier and allow you to work more effectively.  The furniture should not be an eyesore, but rather a welcoming treat.  One of the crucial things that you need to take into consideration would be the types of conference tables you need because this is the office furniture that would be used by most of the members of your workforce.

Different Types of Conference Tables


  • If you want a table that can be modern and functional at the same time, this would be your best bet.  This is highly advisable if you have varying number of people using the conference rooms at different times. You can easily adjust the size to sit a ranging number of people.  There are tables that can be adjusted to sit about four people to as much as 10 people.
  • Another good thing about it is you can easily collapse the table if you would need to store it in case you need to use the conference room for other purposes.


  • If you want to go for the modern minimalist look, one good type of conference table would be the one with the glass top.  Its sleek look will give your office space have that spacious ambience.  It also gives you that no-clutter look that is hard to achieve in a busy workspace.


  • You would never go wrong with going with a wood.  Not only is it easy to clean, a veneer type conference table is light and easily moved if needed.  Going for a hardwood table is not only cost-prohibitive but also gives you limitation when you want to move it around the office.
  • Additionally, with veneer, you can choose the type of wood design that you would want to have.  You can even match it with the interior of your office if you feel like it.


  • Melamine conference tables are usually made of high-grade MDF finishes.  You can also choose from a wide range of styles of table base.  You could go for a modern or traditional look.  Whichever style you want.

Choosing the right type of conference table is easy if you would have a wide variety and options to choose from.…

Antique Office Desks: How to Spot a Fake

Antique office desks are more popular than ever. Many people, from executive businessmen to the everyday Joe with a home office space, are finding that antique desks are an excellent choice for office.

Why do some people prefer to buy antique office desks over modern office desks? There are many reasons. One of the reasons is that antique desks offer a unique, elegant style combined with handmade craftsmanship that cannot be truly recreated with any type of modern desk. Another reason is that many people are fans of antique furniture due to its age, uniqueness, and the fact that it is sturdy enough to last for a hundred years or more. And some people find that they prefer the look of “old” furniture to new furniture—or they prefer certain features, such as hidden compartments or shelving specifically meant for writing tools—to modern pieces.

As a general rule of thumb, you should only purchase antique office desks from the late 18th century onward if you intend to use them practically without undergoing any major alterations or renovations on the piece. Antique office desks which are older than the late 18th century are likely more fragile and will require some extensive work in order to be “ready to use” in an office.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the era, antique office desks are sure to be a hot item for many years to come. If you are interested in purchasing an antique office desk, it is important to be able to determine one very important thin: whether or not the furniture is a fake or a fraud.

Every year, many people fall prey to fake antiques—modern reproductions which are being sold as antiques either by sellers without scruples or people who have been deceived themselves.

There is sometimes a fine line between a real antique and a modern reproduction, especially if the reproduction is very well made. However, there are some tell-tale signs that could help you differentiate between a desk that is fake, and one that is a real antique.

First, look at the general craftsmanship of the desk piece. The desk should look as if it was hand carved—even master furniture pieces are not 100% perfect or uniform, whereas modern reproductions made with factory pieces will often look perfectly made. A piece without flaws is either a museum-quality piece or a fake.

You should also look for wear and tear on the office desk. A real antique desk will have signs of use and wear, such as worn down areas in the wood, scratches, etc. Something which looks too perfect is usually either a new reproduction or not as old as the seller claims. If your “antique desk” smells like wood? Be wary—an old desk should not have that “wooden” smell that new pieces do, as the smell fades away over time. Old office desks will usually smell like dust and will never smell like real wood.

Advantages of Buying from Office Furniture UK

There are various office furniture pieces that need to be bought when setting up offices for a business. This includes choosing office furniture that will be used for the employee workstations, the reception area, and even the executive offices.

Unfortunately, the costs of office furniture will be a significant amount and therefore each piece will need to be carefully chosen. The best option for the company owner is to purchase the furniture in office furniture UK stores.

The reason for this is that there are some company owners that do not have the time to choose the furniture as well as do the necessary paperwork to open the business. This task can be either delegated to an employee or to hire an office designer. The employee delegation is perceived to be cheaper for the company owner but in fact it can be more expensive. This is due to the fact that the employee will only order the available furniture from the nearest office furniture stores rather than look for alternative designs.

This makes it therefore more cost effective to make use of an office designer. The reason for this is that the office designer has established suppliers with regards to the purchase of office furniture based on their skills and experience. The advantage of hiring a reputable office designer is that they are familiar on what type of office design will need to be implemented and what furniture needs to be purchased.

The established office designer is also given trade discounts based on their supplier partnerships, which may result to additional savings for the company owner. By giving the office designer an established budget and the work requirement of the company, the company owner will be confident that the office design will be done not only on budget but also on time. This minimizes the tasks of the company owner which results to more time being spent on other more pressing tasks.

The office designer’s task is already clearly specified by the company owner and therefore the approved design theme can be immediately implemented. The office designer will make use of their contacts in office furniture UK stores to acquire office furniture with the appropriate style and sizes. This existing company contact makes the job of the office designer easier, which means that more time will be spent on implementing the other portions of the office design such as painting and partitioning.…

Your Next Big Fear: Sitting At Your Desk All Day

It’s no secret that many of us modern day, urban dwellers love to get things done faster and more easily with computer technology. And for a lot of us, it’s pretty much a requirement in our jobs.

Ah yes, the common desk job. You work hard to pay the bills, and it often requires eight hours of stuff like answering emails, looking at files, creating new documents, working with a database, performing administrative or accounting tasks, researching information, updating the website, answering phones, and so on and so forth.

It’s become far too easy to forget that human beings aren’t built to be sitting around all day, even though we kind of have to for the sake of our careers. Before computers became so mainstream, about half of our jobs required some form of physical activity. But today, less than one fifth (20 percent) of jobs do.

When you stay sitting for so long on a day-to-day basis, the consequences get worse over the long run. You may not notice anything right now, and you may actually feel happy and relaxed while sitting, but years of doing it will almost certainly cut your life short.

Here’s what happens when you sit down at your computer:

  • Both of your legs’ electrical activity shuts off, causing fat-reducing enzymes to decrease by 90 percent.
  • The rate at which you burn calories slows to about one calorie burned per minute.
  • You double your rate of suffering from cardiovascular disease by sitting down all day, compared to people who stand all day.

And those are just a few things you can expect to experience by spending your entire day at a desk. It’s quite terrifying when you really think about it, actually. And most people reading this article right now are likely sitting down at a desk at their computer, or on a couch with their laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone.

Sitting down has become ingrained in our culture, and with increasingly advanced technology that take all the movement out of what we need to get done, it’s probably bound to get worse. It’s sad to know that many people won’t do anything about it.

You, however, are not somebody who is not going to do anything about it. You’re here, reading an article on StandingDeskTips.com, and even though you may be sitting down and staring at a computer at the moment, it’s clear that you probably want to make a change in your life.

Standing desks and treadmill desks are the new, modern day lifesaver. As more people realize how dangerous it is to be sitting all day, the standing desk trend will continue to grow.

To get yourself started on the road toward better health, a longer lifespan, and crossing “desk job” off of your list of greatest fears, check out some of the following links.…